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World renowned regenerative lifestyle leader, speaker and teacher, Anna empowers YOU with a gamified path to live your dream come true life.

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The master reset button

Ready to transform your life? Press the Master Reset Button and embark on a journey of renewal and growth. Join us now and start your path to a brighter future!

Tea Time with Anna Podcast

Join Anna every week for “Tea Time with Anna,” a cozy and enlightening podcast where we delve into the heart of living a regenerative lifestyle.


“I deeply appreciate the diversity of Anna’s teachings and background which she draws from in her consulting work with groups and individuals.”

J. Butters

Founder, Experience Tribe


“One of the things I most enjoy in the ‘portal sessions’ Anna offers is that I’m given questions, ideas and perspectives that I wasn’t seeing before.”

G. Anderson

Systems Architect, Creator of OneMind App


“She helped me see my true blind spots and made me believe in my own magical gifts. And to trust them fully.”

N. Burger

Environmentalist, Sacred-Space Creator and Designer


Unleash Your Potential

Discover Deep Connections

Transform Habits Effortlessly

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Transformational Leadership

Keynote Speaker

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Embrace the journey towards exceptional leadership with our Transformational Leadership Keynote Speaker.

Inspire Change

Unlock the potential within your team or organization to foster an environment where innovation and growth flourish.

Motivate Action

Learn how to ignite passion and drive in your team, leading by example and setting the stage for unprecedented achievements.

Drive Change

Equip yourself with the strategies and insights needed to navigate challenges and transform them into opportunities for growth.

Discover Your Path with

Where You At?

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Designed to guide you through a series of insightful questions and scenarios, this interactive experience will reveal your best life optimization options.


This pathway is designed for individuals seeking to enrich their personal and family life.


for those who are running businesses, or embarking on entrepreneurial ventures


If your heart is set on making a significant positive impact on your community or the world at large


“She’s been instrumental, insightful and very precise in terms of offering wisdom and understanding on various situations and patterns that were occurring in my life — offering ease and graceful ways to transition through them in a positive way.”

J. Fisher

Founder and Visionary, Cadu Wellness

Unleash Your Intuition

Intuition Superpowers

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Step into a realm where your inner voice leads the way to unparalleled growth and understanding. Our Intuition Superpowers Class is your starting point to unlocking the profound wisdom that lies within.


“The wisdom that she has harvested from her life experience has given her a powerful, loving presence and a precision as a reflector and intuitive counselor that is rare and deeply transformative for those she works with.”

P. Gaia

Co-Founder of The Goddess Temple Of Ashland

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“As a medical intuitive and energy worker, there have been a number of times when Anna has been able to connect with my body remotely and track things that have thrown my system quite out of balance.”

S. Billick

Fashion Stylist