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Regenerative Lifestyle Podcast is a reflective discussion, variety show focusing on sharing benefits, tips, recipes and resources to make it accessible, affordable & attainable for You to enjoy a healthy, happy life!

Top 3 Keynote Speaking Topics

As a dynamic Transformational Speaker, Anna offers a range of compelling keynote speeches designed to ignite creativity, foster collaboration, and drive actionable results.

The Future of Workplace Wellness

Integrating Regenerative Systems for Optimal Performance

This keynote explores how regenerative wellness systems can transform office environments, addressing the top health concerns in corporate wellness.

Attendees will learn about:

Cutting-edge technologies forming a revolutionary circuit for comprehensive employee care

How these systems tackle common issues like stress, sedentary lifestyle, poor nutrition, mental health, and work-life balance

Employees experience better focus, more balanced energy, have positive mood, and clearer cognition.

Company efficiency and effectiveness becomes optimized as everyone is progressing in their individual and team projects with better alignment, harmony and success.

Key Benefits

Cost-effectiveness and potential for increased revenue through improved productivity

Enhanced employee satisfaction and its impact on retention rates

Improved company reputation and competitive advantage in talent acquisition

Reduced healthcare costs and improved resource efficiency

Revolutionizing Senior Care

 Addressing the Top 5 Health Concerns Overview

In this keynote, Anna Naturalista delves into the top five health concerns faced by senior residents and how her Regenerative Wellness Systems provide effective solutions. Attendees will learn about the specific technologies and methods incorporated in her system to address mobility issues, cognitive decline, emotional well-being, chronic pain, and overall physical health.

Key Benefits:

Enhanced Mobility: Learn how advanced physical therapy technologies can improve residents’ mobility and flexibility, reducing fall risks and enhancing independence.

Cognitive Health Improvement: Discover innovative neuro-cognitive assessments and brain training exercises that help maintain and improve cognitive functions.

Emotional Well-being: Explore mindfulness and relaxation techniques designed to alleviate anxiety and depression, fostering a more positive environment.

Pain Management: Understand the use of non-invasive therapies to manage and reduce chronic pain, improving the overall quality of life.

Physical Health: Implement comprehensive wellness programs that promote overall physical health, including nutrition optimization and regular exercise routines

Regenerative Leadership

Inspiring Innovation and Collaboration”


This keynote focuses on the qualities and practices of effective regenerative leaders. Anna shares powerful stories of leaders who have successfully guided their organizations and communities towards sustainable and regenerative goals.

Three Phases of Emancipated Leadership




Key Benefits:

Participants will discover leadership techniques that inspire creativity, foster collaboration, and drive sustainable change within their organizations and communities

Each Attendee will participate in a Council Wheel project to see their Emancipated Leadership brilliance.

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Anna naturalista, a Dynamic Transformational Leadership Speaker, offers compelling keynotw speeches to ignite creativity,foster collaboration and drive actionable results. With expertise in healing, finance, and culture systems, Anna brings passion and knowledge to every event.










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